Had a visitor from foreign parts recently, and took her on a few day trips to some famous places. We met this hungry seagull while going around Slea Head in County Kerry, who admired the view of Iveragh with us. 

Brilliant article that beautifully sums up the ridiculous situation in 21st century Ireland.

Photos of a shelf - a VERY special shelf - and a newt.

A watercolour drawing. Must do more, and get scanning. Have LOADS of the things!

Another oldie and oldie, but the second oldie got sold.

An older blog and painting, but one I’d like to share anyway.

See the blog on http://orlasart.blogspot.ie/2014/07/the-garden-this-july-2014.html

Sharon Slater, local historian, writes about Limerick city, Ireland. If you like Ireland and like history, you’ll love this page.